We are
Workshop at Istituto Europeo di Design
Madrid, Spain, March 2012

Develop techniques to align collective thoughts in order to debate and discuss different matters.
Consciousness awareness about personal role in school, family and society.
Introduce and develop students’ team work skills.
Enhance and develop students’ best personal skills.

We are parts made of parts of a part made of parts. We are a moment that you picked… We are undefined. We are people who sometimes look like the rest but other times we are outstanding. We are into our nature. We are all the same but different. We are as same as you are… We are movement… We are a box full of experiences. We are our surroundings, our thoughts, both complex and simple. We are always searching for something. We are connected people, we are connected to places, we are a summary of our things, we are memories. We are a bunch of memories. We are paper to be shaped. We are blanks to be solved. We are different shapes. We made what we are made of! We are a magic mirror. We are everything that happens. We are Jazz (so dance, dance, dance). We are unique and unrepeatable. We are the experience of memories. We are unique Me’s.