Valore Artigiano Marathon

Martino Gamper, Simona Casarotto, Fabien Cappello, Bethan Laura Woods, Victoria Wilmotte, Lucia Massari, Oscar Wanless, Harry Thaler, William Shannon, AUT collective (Riccardo Berrone, Federico Bovara and Luca Coppola), MN*LS (Ludwig Slezak and Margarita Navarro) and Marco Bettiol, Luca De Pietro, Luisella Frezzato, Marco Troncon, Valentina Carta, Francesco Orrico, where just some of the great people we had the pleasure to meet recently for a collective project. Together, and just in 3 very busy days, we were warmly received by 12 italian artisans from Vicenza region that produce outstanding goods. Results will be shown latter, upon invitation, on a special event in the occasion of Milano’s furniture fair.

Link for project here.