Transit, contributions for a new TAP universe
Lisbon, 2005


On behalf of the commemorations of the 60th anniversary of TAP air Portugal, Experimenta organized this exhibition as a contribute and reflection to the creative idea of Portugal as a country and as a culture and how TAP, as a flag carrier, could contribute in the transmission of this renewed national values.
Upon Experimenta and TAP invitation, Rita João and Pedro Ferreira curated this initiative and after analyzing and pointing out some of the possible intervention levels regarding the companies’ services 8 national creative teams were challenged to rethink some of the TAP standards in terms of image and services, always keeping in mind an ideal of a renovated portuguese contemporary culture.

Sound design and on board audio books
Rui Gato

On-board tableware
Gonçalo Prudêncio


Children‘s on-board entertainment products
Rute Gomes

Client personal interface
Diogo Valério + David Pereira

Communication campaign

Merchandising and on-board sales

Lounging spaces