T table
Side table, with Edition of 6
Milan, 2011

 Photo credits: Frederico Covre

Photo credits: Pedrita studio

T is a graphic object, a plastic functional resource, a simplified macro flower that allows combinations, macro bouquets, regarding specific domestic landscapes exploring multiples or simple object relations.
The duality of the 2 used materials — aluminum and marble — took us to formal opposites where dichotomies like organic vs geometric, light vs heavy or bright vs pale, are combined according to extreme limits regarding function our material‘s physical proprieties.

plate 380×398 mm
height 557/545/533 mm

Aluminum and marble

Carbu + Ermenegildo Sartori

About Edition of 6

Can craftmasnship go together with design?
This exhibition approaches a new answer to the age-old question, introducing a limited edition of pieces by six international designers, made together with Italian artisans. Craft traditions and materials, care of high-quality finishings and attention to details draw new impulses upon innovative design.

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Curated and organized by
Simona Casarotto
Enrica Cavarzan
Marco Zavagno
Matteo Zorzenoni

in collaboration with
CNA Vicenza

works by
Giorgio Biscaro
Oscar Diaz
Takuya Matsuda
Matteo Zorzenoni

La Veneta
Sartori Marmi
Vanzo Ferro Battuto
Pietro Viero