Workshop together with Frederico Duarte
Istituto Europeo di Design
European Design Labs Master Program
Madrid, Spain, February 2014

What do we eat today? What are the materials, processes, systems, tools and interfaces, but also the ideas, traditions, histories and rituals involved in the production and consumption of food in industrialized countries? And how have all those aspects been designed not just to efficiently feed everyone, every day, but also to preserve, celebrate and even create local, regional, national and transnational cultures? This one week workshop aims to look at how design shapes what, why, when and how we eat, but also how it is also shaped by “external forces” such as science, culture, trends, value – and profit. As privileged intermediaries between the making and consumption of goods and services, designers give both shape and meaning to things. As we’re approaching, or already living in a third industrial revolution that through significant changes in technology and communication has been challenging notions such as manufacture and mass production, how can we, by asking “what do we eat today?”, begin to find some of the most surprising and fascinating design solutions to our everyday needs and desires?