Riso: A Serious Exhibit
Exhibition design for Fundação EDP, with António Pedro Louro
and Gonçalo Prudêncio
Lisbon, 2012


photo credits: António Nascimento

What is Laugh? What makes you, us, Laught? What kind of Laught is it? Humor vs Laughthing? What are the limits of Laughing? What about the morphology of Laughing?
The need for a definition Laughing as a gathering theme for this exhibition, was as challenging as the exhibition’s design process for finding a set for the around 500 art and multimedia pieces selected. The result was probably the opposite of what’s usually thought and designed as a background for the art piece. Not neutral. Not immaculate. The need for a lively and metaphorical space, but still flexible and able to engage and guide the visitor while discovering a considerably dense and eclectic number of contents, lead us to this solution.

photo credits: António Nascimento

The result is an orthogonal grid 70x70x70cm in natural pinewood profile that fills the voids of the impotent industrial exhibition venue at Museu da Electricidade. With more then 12 meter high, the solution taken is a dense, but still transparent and human volume lined in between the original industrial metallic structures from the original space. The gaps in this volume shape the visitors path on a rhythmic assortment of corridors, small rooms, large rooms, narrow corridors, tunnels or squares.The sequence aims to surprise the visitor while revealing the pieces according to thematic groups within the Laughing umbrella. The transparency of the volume allows a visual crossed contamination from different thematic groups reconnecting with the idea of the immateriality and boundless of Laughting as a subject.
The adopted constructive system was designed focusing on the disassemble of the exhibition concerning the full preservation and reuse of all used constructive elements for future transformation into other projects.

photo credits: António Nascimento

photo credits: António Nascimento

photo credits: António Nascimento

photo credits: António Nascimento

photo credits: António Nascimentophoto credits: António Nascimento

Photo credits: António Nascimento
Photo credits: António Nascimento

José Manuel dos Santos
João Pinharanda
Nuno Artur Silva
Nuno Crespo

Assistant Curators
Joana Simões Henriques
José Machado

Exhibition Design
António Pedro Louro
Gonçalo Prudêncio
Pedro Ferreira
Rita João

Graphic Design
Vera Tavares

Culture Adviser
António Soares

Margarida Almeida Chantre
Aires Duarte
Fernando Ribeiro
Pascal Carvalho

Conservation and Register
Margarida Almeida Chantre
Joana Simões Henriques

Management and Legal Assistance
António Guimarães Verdial


Museu da Eletricidade
Balaclava Noir

Visitor Service
Raquel Eleutério (Coordination)
Ana Cachado
Jorge Batista
Maria José Dantas