Muscovy Duck
Travessa da Ermida Project
Lisbon, 2012

Photo credits: Pedrita studioPhoto credits: Pedrita studio

A muscovy duck risks to jump the wall of the marvelous Tropical Garden at Belém. From the very end of Marta’s Pinto street it spies on a busy road of one of Lisbon’s most emblematic neighborhoods.
Will he have the courage to get to know the city? Will he dare to know the world? Or will it surrender to the beauty of the garden and wait for a visit of those how walk around?

“Pato Mudo is a unique initiative in Portugal combining the tradition of tiles and national contemporary design. On the wall of the Jardim Botânico Tropical, perpendicular to the Travessa do Marta Pinto, home of the project promoting this initiative, this panel will become a feature in the urban landscape of Lisbon and Belém. Created by Design studio Pedrita, Pato Mudo features a panel made of 559 15x15cm tiles recuperated from over 10 factories, most of them no longer in existence. This panel takes up an area of 4,5m (height) x 5,5m (width). For this creation, studio Pedrita used the ‘Grão technique’, which consists of a composition of photographic panels, with the use discontinued Portuguese industrial tiles. Using a digital base, dozens of tiles are laid side-by-side composing a wider image. This technique is suitable to be applied to surfaces (façades, gables, walls, etc.), that comprise two possible readings of a specific image, each corresponding to a specific distance between the panel and the observer: the distance of human scale, for those who walk near the panel and see the various drawings and motifs on the tiles that compose it, and the distance of urban scale, for those who walk at a greater distance, and manage to obtain, at a glance, the total perception of the reproduced image.”

Photo credits: Pedrita studioPhoto credits: Pedrita studio


Promoting entity
Projecto Travessa da Ermida

Project direction
Eduardo Fernandes

Production direction
Fábia Fernandes

Production direction
Sérgio Parreira

Equipments and assemblies
José Vaz Fernandes

Carlos A. Lacerda

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Jardim Botânico Tropical
Junta de Freguesia de Belém
Cortiço e Netos