Simplesmente Maria NFTs
Ephemeral Ethernal 
Solo drop



Broadcasted in Portugal in the early 1970s, Simply Maria was an Argentine radio soap opera with great worldwide repercussions. It was a huge success at a time when technology-based entertainment was rare, thus becoming an extraordinary cultural phenomenon. Pedrita studio delved into this story, exploring the differences between entertainment then and now and how technology can make artistic and cultural production available on a global scale.



The challenge of making moving images from still images led to new glimpses of spoken and printed stories, now transposed through applications of zeros and ones, resulting in virtual panels of exuberant Portuguese tiles animated in a hypnotic mist that mirror the effect created by Simply Maria at the time.



The series of NFTs Simply Maria appears as an opportunity for a complementary exploration within the work of the Pedrita studio and as a revisited means of disseminating the Portuguese graphic-tile visual heritage through a challenge on the Ethernal Ephemeral platform. Although dedicated to a digital audience, it promotes an intergenerational approximation, with the imagery of the photo novel Simply Maria being the motto for the creation of virtual panels of animated tiles.



Based on collectible issue nº77 of the photonovel, 50 NFTs were developed: 30 animated portraits, 10 animated scenes and 10 animated tiles. Several short videos were developed in partnership with Ethernal Ephemeral for dissemination on various social networks and presentation of the series presented on the platform’s website and made available on the OpenSea platform on December 13, 2021.