Make it better
Flat pack furniture for Movelpartes
Lisbon, 2009

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“The Make it Better is the new Movelpartes’ line of kit furniture. In 2005, the “Make it” line was launched in the Iberian market, suggesting innovative, timeless, quality products at affordable prices and available in large shopping centers.
In 2009 Movelpartes decided it could do even better, and to the “Make it” line, it wanted to associate an innovative design.
A key point of this challenge was the environmental and ecological concerns. Thus, the pieces resulting from this project are composed of materials derived from wood which, otherwise, would become waste.
However, Movelpartes went even further. In partnership with CarbonoZero, it will support projects that reduce the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, an amount equivalent to the one discharged by the production and distribution of the Make it Better line parts.
Making up for emissions, once one can’t avoid them, means revoking the effect on the climate and actively participating in the fight against climate change. We called it low carbon design.
Thus was born “Make it Better”. By the hand of Guta Moura Guedes, who invited three product design studios: the Portuguese Pedrita and Miguel Vieira Baptista and the Spanish Lagranja, as well as the communication design studio RMAC to come up with the image and pakaging for the project.”

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Studio Desk and sideboard
Carebox WC cupboard with mirror