Habitar Portugal 2003 / 2005
Art Direction and exhibition design
Lisbon, 2006

“In the edition of “Habitar Portugal 2003/2005″, we aim to bring architecture closer to the citizens. The previous experience cemented and enriched our knowledge in terms of the regulation, format, and organisation of the event. We aim higher now – mounting an exhibition to be presented in more cities, preparing a catalogue with indispensable information about every work, and participating in a renowned international show.”

Helena Roseta
Chair, Ordem dos Arquitectos

Photo credits: Soraya Vasconcelos
Photo credits: Soraya Vasconcelos

Photo credits: João Costa RibeiroPhoto credits: João Costa Ribeiro
Photo credits: João Costa Ribeiro

Art direction and project coordination
Frederico Duarte

Associated graphic design
Paulo Condez, -nada-

Architecture drawing consultant
Pedro Melo

Photography (Map)
Soraya Vasconcelos

Marco Zavagno, Heads

Francesco Meneghini, Heads