Festival Iminente Oeiras
Spacial design and festival layout
Oeiras, 2016
Oeiras, 2017
London, 2017



We believed that it was a good ideal to mix in the same festival urban music and street art. Since the first edition, Pedrita studio has been developing the festival spacial design, blending the stages, the art installations, festival services and infrastructures to make it possible.



“Created in 2016, Festival Iminente combines the new music with the new art in an experience of intense collective intimacy. iminente is everything that is happening or is about to happen.

It is the materialisation of a creative movement that, over the last few years, added contemporaneity and creativity to portugal’s artistic and musical scene. a movement that found its stage here.

Curated by Vhils and Underdogs, Festival Iminente translates the creative multicultural atmosphere that is flourishing in Lisbon and is spreading throughout the world, leading the lusophone matrix to establish dialogues with other cultures and artistic expressions.

It is 3 days of expression and artistic provocation with a line-up that represents the cultural vanguard of those who are expanding their art in new directions; challenging, questioning, exploring. celebrating its explosive, urban, vital, ephemeral, and unexpected nature.”