Rehearsal for an archive: time and word. Design in Portugal between 1960 and 1974
MUDE – Museu de Design e Moda
Exhibition design
Lisbon, 2015


Photo credits: Luisa FerreiraPhoto credits: Luisa Ferreira

“The exhibition Rehearsal for an archive rises from a research project coordinated by Maria Helena Souto, supported by the Science and Technology Foundation, co-supported by COMPETE, and developed in partnership with IADE-U, being this another example of the role which MUDE seeks to play in disclosing research and academic studies on design and national productions. Therefore it precedes a work culture, which connects the museum and universities, public institutions and private entities, necessary condition to promote design, creativity and culture.
The exhibition space is designed in order to focus on the written or spoken word of men and women that, in a pioneering way, developed an educational and associative action based on a modern conscience of design practice.Besides featuring original catalogues and major publications, the public may consult their copies, as all the files with the pieces that made up the 1st and 2nd Exhibition of Portuguese Design, held in 1971 and 1973.

The challenge we casted consisted on forming an exhibition-archive or a Portuguese design documentation centre, presenting sources and resources for an historical research on design in Portugal. We speak of an iconographic archive, documentary, audio-visual and bibliographic that the visitor can go consulting along a path, getting to know a time and an ethic, its players and institutions.
This exhibition is also a fair and simple tribute to all and who sought to affirm design as a culture and competitiveness factor, laying the groundwork for its institutionalization and pedagogy or asserted design as a decisive factor in decision-making and improving the development model of our country.
Since it isn’t possible to thank everyone individually, risking any omission, I leave a special word of acknowledgment to Maria Helena Matos for her remarkable role on the assertion of design in Portugal.”

Bárbara Coutinho


Photo credits: Luisa FerreiraPhoto credits: Luisa FerreiraPhoto credits: Luisa FerreiraPhoto credits: Luisa FerreiraPhoto credits: Luisa Ferreira
Photo credits: Luisa FerreiraPhoto credits: Luisa Ferreira

Bárbara Coutinho

Helena Souto

Exhibition design
Estúdio Pedrita

Graphic design