Electronically Enhanced Ceramic
Research Project
Lisbon, 2008

Photo credits: Pedrita studioPhoto credits: Pedrita studioPhoto credits: Pedrita studio

Ceramics are part of our daily goods. Either for utility or decorative proposes ceramics are an established material for what regards objects that satisfy different needs for home or industrial uses. For ages men collected and developed technologies, first, to shape it, and second, to decorate it. From strictly utilitarian to way decorative, numerous shapes and designs take part of our lives everywhere we go. And so much is still there to be found about this multifaceted resource.
EEC stands for Electronic Enhanced Ceramics. It is a research under development by studio Pedrita that relfects upon metallic decorations on ceramics. Could the fact of these being electrical conductors be a start to new perceptions about the way we interact with ceramic objects? Or in the way they relate themselves? Could decorations be a pleasant shortcut for interfaces that combine ceramics with electrical devices? Would this allow a kind of next level in ceramics exploits?