Desenhar a tradição, New Pottery of S. Pedro do Corval
Product + communication concept + exhibition design
S. Pedro do Corval, 2006

Desenhar a tradição, New Pottery of S. Pedro do Corval
Produto + conceito de comunicação + design de exposição
S. Pedro do Corval, 2006


“The potteries of S. Pedro do Corval through its decorative and utilitarian handicraft pieces – made of red clay worked on a potter’s wheel, painted manually with floral motifs or Alentejo landscapes – conserve and represent an important feature of portuguese handicraft and culture. To keep these small productive units functioning is also to preserve our cultural patrimony, a rewarding task of direct responsibility of all the Portuguese.
The effort of some potters to continue this activity of ancestral roots, in a society with new necessities and requirements, must be supported and advertised at favourable moment where we evidence an increasing demand of artisan products, where each time functional aspects and aesthetics qualities are more valued. These craftsmen, as any other manufacturer, must adapt their offer to the demands of the present market and the opportunities it provides.
This project is a result of the work of a solid team integrating elements of Marketing, Design and Technology, co-ordinated by Cencal – Professional Training Center for the Ceramic Industry – and the Potteries of S. Pedro do Corval.
Beyond the preservation of a recognized cultural patrimony and regional development, the main aim of this project was the conception of new products and a new image, that may enhance the dynamism and the capacity of evolution capacities of the potters, promoting, simultaneously, an approach to new market demands.”

in Desenhar a Tradição press release


Photo credits: Pedrita studio      Photo credits: Pedrita studio Photo credits: Pedrita studioPhoto credits: Pedrita studio

Project coordination
Maria Helena Arroz and Vera Fortes (Cencal)
and Cultural Centre of S. Pedro do Corval

Exhibition and communication concept

Product Design consultants
Pedrita, Telma Pedro, Miguel Ferraz, Bernardo Providência, Jesus Sheriff and José Matos

Marketing consultant
Maria da Graça Guedes

Technical consultant
Paulo Oscar

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