Ao Sol
Workshop together with Gonçalo Prudêncio
European Design Labs Master Program
Istituto Europeo di Design
Madrid, Spain, October 2007

It would be an overstatement to refer the social imperative associated to the renewable energies. It is undoubtedly known by now, that this type of energy can be a key factor on many levels of our society, and finally it is becoming an issue being addressed on a central government level by many Nations around the World. Strategies, and legislations are being pondered and established in order to institutionalize the use of renewable sources of energy. As far as product design is concerned, this could be one of those rare moments, were designers are asked to intervene, on one hand, in a very early stage of development of the existing technology, and on the other hand, with very little references of anything done before. This 2 aspects combined, make it a very good opportunity to merge technology and creativity on behalf of sustainability with very little margin for preconceived ideas, and to develop non-existent integrated systems and products, that can be satisfactory on every level of our lives. Products that promote an ethical approach to a sustainable way of living, and that combine this with every individual‘s pursuit of comfort, social status and self-realization.